Thursday, April 29, 2004

This is my second week at the ISB. I am sitting beside the window in my hostel room. Absolute silence except the hissing of the air conditioner. It is very sunny outside. My room is at the back of the hostel campus, near the compound wall. So I can only see the rocks and barren land extending till the horizon. It may be noisy outside but once you come to the room, the whole world is disconnected.

Ramki, my senior (we are supposed to call them "alum" but anyway he is a senior to me), has done a great job in blogging about the ISB life ( It has presented a clear and true picture about the ISB life to many like me. This blog follows his footsteps and I will try to be as honest as I can. I will also try not to disclose any personal experiences of my friends if it could invade their privacy. I am sitting near the window and am looking at the ISB through the window. I am presenting it as it is without harming the image of the ISB or my friends.

Lets start watching ...


Let me reserve the reasons I joined the ISB for future discussions. Just to give an idea about me - I am Sujayath, an IT engineer from Chennai. I have two and half years of work experience with iNautix technologies.

Lets talk about the past two weeks. I reached HYD on April 16th morning. Our alums received us at the railway station and led us to the campus.

Pre-terms started from 19th April. They were optional but I had signed for all of them. It was a very hectic week as I was new to accountancy and statistics was bothering me. Meetings with seniors were mostly after 9:30 PM and so I had to go to bed late. I am used to 8 hours sleep and this week terribly affected my system. I was tired in the classes and was looking for more time to sleep.

Sunday was a big relief. On Sunday, there was a lecture by VP of ABB and it was good. He talked about global leadership. All the pre-terms were over by that week and this week was comparatively less-hectic. There would be presentations in the evenings and I chose not to attend anything extra-curricular. I missed presentations like art of living, one on arts and culture, one about AP tourism etc. This week I regained my eight hours of sleep and sometimes more. I also went for swimming. I am relaxing this week because the next week will be again hectic as the term one begins. This week there is a course on understanding general management which introduces us to case based learning.

There was a talent night last Friday which added to the hectic schedule. Our group did a skit called “Dilbert At ISB”. It was received well and bagged the first prize. I did the role of Dilbert and many of my classmates have started calling me “Dilbert”.

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