Sunday, December 05, 2004

The KPMG training was a complete waste of time and money. We paid 5000 Rs for this traning and it was useless. The PPT was very unorganized and I didn't have any take-aways from the session. I have Operations Assignment Tomorrow and Portfolio management assignment on Tuesday. It was with this heavy work-load, I attended the six sigma training. Think about the frustration I will have.

We had ITC infotech PPT yesterday and the HR head who presented the pitch had great respect for ISB. He agreed that ISB students had to be paid a premium than what is paid for students from other schools such as XLRI. But still the pay may not be that attractive with the kind of loan we have. This is the case with most of the IT service companies. They may pay a premium but that may not look attractive. But this respect for ISB will turn into other inatngible benefits such as great work and job role!

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