Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Exams, Exams and Exams

Well...Biswajit asked a good question...We have exams every 22.5 days ideally :) Each term spans over 1 1/2 months and if you take mid-term and end-term exams, it will seem like the course is full of exams.

This time I am very relaxed and am not even planning to go through the books , while others are having night-mares in completing it. I am just going to browse the class notes and try my luck in the exams.

Students are planning to bring out "Harbinger", the student magazine. I have written an article for it and am involved in design also. Though I am very interested in contributing to the layouts and other stuffs, I am unable to do anything due to the lack of time at this moment.

Today we had a session about profiling and career counseling. An external vendor will do that for a fee of Rs 2500. I think I will also do my profiling.

I have enrolled for an elective called "planning an entrepreneurial Venture". I don't know why I enrolled for it as I don't have any big entrepreneurial plan as of now. Lets see how it goes.

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