Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Urgent need for permanent faculty ?

Yesterday I was having dinner with one of our profs. He was an excellent guy who was responsible for starting the IT division of wipro in India. He was praising the ISB students that they are very bright and they prepare well for classes regularly. While talking with him about the institute, I raised this question about permanent faculty.

He said that the school cannot depend entirely on the visiting faculty. He mentioned that a Mexican school, operating on 100% visiting faculty model, was able to survive only for seven years and was shot down in the eighth year. On the other hand, we have schools like Insead which has been very successful in visiting faculty model.

The ISB is doing a right thing in recruiting permanent faculty at a good pace. Though these faculties cannot give the same learning experience as given by some world class visiting faculty, a trade-off has to be there.

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