Friday, November 12, 2004

Happy Diwali !!!

Deutsche bank shortlist has been announced and the interviews will be on Nov 15th. Good luck for all the interviewees.

In the IT side, I could see IBM, Yahoo, Amazon, Verizon, Satyam and Wipro lined up for Preplacement talks. There is another job posting from Seven Seas for a position in Dubai. I don't know much about the company and would have to research on this.

Goldman sachs ppt is on Nov 18th and I am not even planing to attend the PPT. This year most of the abroad positions are for Finance from companies such as SCB, HSBC, GOLDMAN and Deutsche. There is another big Ibank lined up.

Apart from these, this month we have PPTs from Novartis, Marakon and Olam international.

My resume is almost ready. I have customised it for IT-Products and IT-Services. While applying for the jobs, I will customise it more according to the culture of the companies.

I see students who are disappointed for not being shortlisted for Deutsche. For IT guys like me, the game has not yet started. I know there will be a lot of disappointments, a lot of surprises and a lot of difficulties. Everyone has started worrying about their placements and academics has taken back seat.

In sum, the Placement season has begun and everyone is looking for the D-Day Jan 10th.

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