Saturday, November 06, 2004

I had to cancel my XLRI plans due to the sudden fever. The fever has spoiled my whole plans. It has impacted my assignments, my ITC Bplan work and ELP project work. Only now I realize how much I am working daily that taking rest for just one day costs so much. In Micrososft terminology, I am drinking from the fire hose.

ISB has launched Poseidon. Poseidon is the annual b-school festival at the ISB. More about this even from the colloborative blog:

Poseidon offers a common platform for students from the finest business schools all over the world to test their mettle in competitive events. The following events would take place:·

Twister – Online strategy game·
Tsunami – Biz Quiz·
Vortex – Fin Quiz· Bounty – Fin Paper Presentation·
Blizzard – Mktg Quiz·
The Coke Wave – Mktg Case Competition·
Turbulence – Energy Case Competition·
Horizon – Emerging Markets Debate·
Typhoon – Entrepreneurship Case Competition·
Torrent – Tech Quiz·
Cyclone – Tech/SCM Paper Presentation·
Bermuda Triangle – Tech Case Competition

There will also be many informal events like Rock Show and Blind Date. Special note should be taken of Twister – the online strategy game. It’s the toughest strategy game to be played in cyberspace. For details, please visit .Dates: November 27-28, 2004Venue: ISB Campus, Hyderabad, IndiaContact address: Email:

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