Friday, November 19, 2004

I don't remember whether I said about my participating in ITC competition. My team-mate Muthu got some project work and left the campus two days before the deadline for the competition. I managed to write a B-plan in 5 hours with help from another friend, Suresh and submitted it just because we gave the commitment to participate. I didn't include any financial or any roll-out plan. But again the L factor is in my side and our team is one of the six teams selected for campus round !!

Yesterday, I attended a lecture by Captain Raghu about leadership experiences from Siachen glacier. I should say that it was really an eye-opener. There were a lot of assignments and exams are on Monday but still, by God's grace, I attended it. The lecture was like a tour to siachen and as he said, I can't explain in words the smell of blood and the -40 degree cold, but it gave me a perspective of the hardships faced by our soldiers. It was interesting to hear that in that temperature, if you drop an iron rod, it will break into pieces like a glass and if you splash hot water from a kettle, it will turn into vapor before falling down.

My key take-aways from the lecture was that For a manager, Company comes first, his subordinates second and third will be his own welfare. He explained this with examples, may be this may not be that impactful without examples. Another take-away was thinking about crisis. What is crisis? If I lose one grade in one subject or If I am unable to get a good job in campus, is it really a crisis? When he talked about situations of life or death, I understood what is real crisis.

So, future aspirants ! If you make into the ISB, the key learning will be from speakers and not just from lectures. You will have assignments, exams and what not, but try to maximize your learning. I now regret not attending some lectures, which I heard was very good. Fo instance, the lecture by top management from Tata Motors, Cavin care and Pantaloon were supposedly very good but I didn't attend. They may visit again next year and don't miss these talks.

Today we have interviews from JDPowers. They have a unique way of interviews. Each one will be interviewed for a max of five minutes. Let me see how it goes.

And finally - I am receiving a lot of complaints for not being regular in blogs. I will try to be more regular. I know it is not fair to blame my assignments and exams for not posting. I will try atleast three posts per week. Lets see how this goes.

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