Sunday, January 09, 2005

ISB placements started yesterday ... I really don't know whether I can give the numbers before ISB releases it officially ... As of now all I could say is that there were great consulting offers yesterday ...

Coming to my story ... I am still Jobless ... I was not blogging last week since I was preparing for Microsoft interview. It was a great disappointment that MS didn't even shortlist (resume - based) me. I was not shortlisted for CTS, Yahoo & Fidelity also and I think there is a major problem with my EOI/resume. Another reason could be my relatively low experience. Mostly students with 5+ exp are getting shortlisted.

I was shortlisted for IBM yesterday and cleared the GD part. The interview was very short (10 to 15 min) and I was asked fin questions. I had to explain them that I am a techie ( but have taken fin as second concenteration) and not that good in Fin. Somehow I screwed up the interview and was not given an offer. They have given double digit offers but I think acceptance will be very less as salary levels are very low.

Today I had Amazon interview. For everyone except me, it was very technical. But for me, there were not much (or should I say "no") tech questions. The interviewer was really good and said that it doesn't make sense to ask Java/ C++ questions to a Mainframe guy. The first shortlist would be out by Tonight. Then the shortlisted students have to fly to bangalore and there will be four or five more interviews. I am waiting for the results !!

I have also been shortlisted for Kanbay, whose interview is scheduled on Tuesday.

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