Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ok, I have accepted Deloitte offer and am formally out of the placement process. I enquired about Deloitte and got a positive response from people working there. So, decided to accept the offer. So, now I am out of this placement tension and can blog regularly. I will visit Deloitte on Friday to see the infrastructure and get a feel of the type of work I will be doing. My joining date is fixed as May 9th.

Today I met Jaideep from Xansa, whom I met during preplacement talks. He told that he was expecting me in the interview. I explained to him that once we accept an offer, we cannot sit for further interviews. We had a small chat and I said to him that I might think about Xansa once Chennai center grows big. Really I don't want to settle in Hyderabad though it is better than Chennai in terms of water problems, temperature etc.

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