Sunday, January 30, 2005

Classes are restarting from Tomorrow. It really seems difficult to get up after the long hibernation. :)

Today I was thinking about my ISB life. Apart from the salary increase, role change, better future and the prestigious MBA degree that ISB has offered me, there had been a lot of learning for me that tailored me as a better Manager. I have understood not only what is happening in the world around me but also my inner side – my strengths and weaknesses. I was elated some days and depressed some days. Some days were real confidence boosters and some days my ego was beaten down to earth. It was like an iron rod beaten vigorously to from the desired shape.

Well, MBA doesn’t seem like an achievement to me, but as something essential to every human being. Those who have read my initial blogs could see how much my mindset has changed throughout this one year.

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