Thursday, February 03, 2005

Today I was going through MBA forums such as Cool avenues, Pagalguy, Testmagic etc. It reminded me of my position last year. I was almost living in these forums, checking frequently for updates and posting stupid messages (or atleast they look stupid to me looking them after one year). These forums always excite me. They have some kind of energy and vibration that makes U feel as if getting into MBA is like placing your foot on the moon. But I do feel that MBA is represented more of a Gimmick in these forums and I don't think many of them think of what to get from MBA. Even I was like that.

Most of them want to do MBA just to associate themselves with a premiere school brand. They think that MBA is going to change their life completely. MBA is not going to change anything. It is U who have to change while doing MBA.

I was reading one message and was disappointed to read about one ISB guy not having a good reputation among his team. Though this is not going to affect ISB in anyway, I can see that this guy has failed to change himself during the one year. MBA is something like an entrance ticket to a Gym. You have to work-out or it is you who is wasting the opportunity.

Well, Today I went to evaluate some admission applications. The applications are evaluated on three parameters - Analytics, Leadership and Personal. It was good to see quality applications and I feel that next batch will surpass the quality of current batch. In fact, IT SHOULD. Else, no way is ISB going to grow, especially with more competition like IIMA'S one year course.

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