Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Assignments have started strangling me. I have to complete three projects with presentations and two assignments within next week. To worsen the situation, there is an exam this Friday and another one on Monday.

And at this situation, what will I say if someone asks about the life at ISB. Here I go for a yearbook survey “Life at ISB”.

Life? At ISB ??? Life at ISB ranges from small micro organisms to Dinosaurs. There are a lot of parasites who thrive on others for group assignments. There are cockroaches who survived amidst a lot of evolutionary changes. There are few butterflies but still in the cocoon stage. There are buffaloes that don’t care about anything. There are giraffes who stick their neck out to look at others' window. Lions are little different at this jungle. Usually lionesses hunt food for lions and here that’s exactly opposite. ISB is the Noah’s ark where you can find a pair of ALL the species. In modern terminology, we call it diversity.

And guys, take it lightly. Don't shoot questions asking me whether it is true that people override in group assignments at ISB:(

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