Saturday, March 12, 2005

I think my blog is spreading a view that ISB life (atleast in the last terms) is not as hectic as it is supposed to be. There are guys who are slogging like hell and they will kill me if I say life is not that hectic. The truth is that my character is such that I don't slog much. I am basically a lazy fellow and to add to that, I don't care about grades (doesn’t mean I am a poor student – never went below B grade :)).

According to me, Grades make no sense for guys aiming for a career in IT. I don't know about other areas but am sure grades matter for Consulting / I-Banks. In fact, I was pushed to my limits for the first time in the ISB but soon I learnt the techniques of leading a peaceful life amidst the hectic schedule. Some days I have missed my whole night’s sleep but mostly I sleep for eight hours. I know guys who sleep only four hours a day but I never wanted to disturb my sleep schedule. I do watch TV regularly and movies occasionally. I do have time to read some philosophy books and do have time to gossip.

All I am saying to guys who are afraid of hectic MBA life (especially after reading “ Snapshots of Hell”) is that we can survive in ISB amidst the academic storm.

And I cannot write much about Placements now. I have to wait till the official reports are out. I can write more about placements after that.

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