Sunday, March 13, 2005

ISB is getting ready to send us out. We have been instructed on exit procedures. The first activity is submitting the “Student Offer Form” to CAS which should be done before March 18th. This exit procedure mail has sent alarm inside my body on the hell lot of pending assignments and projects to be done. Today for the first time, I didn’t watch TV from the morning (which starts at 11:00 AM for me) and am sitting before the laptop full day. Assignments are the most boring part of the ISB life.

Today I thought of writing about Negotiation Analysis class. I was not able to enrol in it in the sixth term and was regretting it. The same course was offered in the last term by a Permanent Faculty (Dishan Kamdar). I attended it without much expectation. Usually permanent faculty in the ISB lose their shine infront of the dazzling superstar faculties from Top universities. But Dishan is too good and I am happy that the quality of permanent faculty is building up year by year inspite of the initial staggering. The new professors who joined this year are really good both in research and teaching. Dishan was mentioning that he had very good offers from other schools and he joined the ISB only because of the environment that fosters research. He said that Ajith has promised him data from all top companies for his research.

Just 19 days for Graduation ...

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