Thursday, July 01, 2004

Just now finished the Global Eco mid-term. Yesterday I got the Grade for Micro Eco. Micro is the only exam in which I performed above average. This term I have to pick-up.

Our group is doing well in Markstrat. Usually our group assignments won't work but this time it is rocking. May be experience effect !!

Sometimes we don't notice the repercussions our actions could create. We had a case about a projector company that wrongly signalled Sony that it is going to compete in Sony's market. This signal was untentional and completely wrong. The company had no idea of competing in Sony's competence. Prof. Jagmohan dealt the case very well and it was like reading a suspense story. Now, coming to the point, the same kind of signalling has happenned in case of Regular reader. I never intended to be nasty in yahoo groups but some of my messages has made him think so. I ought to be careful in my blog and forums !!

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