Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Yesterday I was not able to sleep properly. I watched the movie "Pulp Fiction" and went to bed late. I dreamt of roaming in the beach, alone in the night, with turbulent waves. I was disturbed by the dream and searched in the internet for dream analysis. It said that turbulent waves symbolize mixed and confusing emotions in my mind. It also explained that the dream could reflect exploring my "own unconscious" in a spiritual way. Somehow the dream disturbed me.

Today morning, my Mother called me in the phone and scolded for not calling her. From the day I have come to the ISB, the link between me and the external world has been cut. Thank god, I don't have any girl friend. I have noticed my friends finding hard to allot time to call their girl friends inspite of the busy schedule.

Note: In my previous post, I wrote that Prof. Vohra was from Wharton. Actually, he is from Kellogg. Sorry for the mistake.

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