Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Yesterday there was a mail from an alumni to the student batch. Our batch is supposedly concentrating too much on the grades and the mail advised us to concentrate on networking and other aspects in addition to grades. I do believe that grades tell nothing about us to the recruiter unless we are top 15% or so.

Tonight I have convened a meeting to discuss about the placement policies. The companies coming to the ISB mostly look for experienced peoples and they do iterate about their expectations while calling for applications. This would automatically reduce the number of applications but companies such as MCKinsey, BCG etc do attract very large number of applications, which may indicate the absence of focus among students. CAS is desperately trying to reduce the number of offer wastages. Students are afraid that they may become guinea pigs. Lets see how this goes.

For me, anyway the options are limited. I want to go back to IT and all the IT companies coming for campus don't necessarily accept students with less than three years of experience. For example, I think verizon asked for students with more than 4 years of experience and Sun asked for more than five. 

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