Saturday, July 10, 2004

Just one more week to go...

The end-term exams are on next Monday and Tuesday. This term went very fast and was very relaxing. I really enjoyed this term both in terms of learning and relaxing.

Today I watched "12 Angry men" and "Life is beautiful". Both are good movies.

The finance club here arranged sessions about budget. The pre-budget session was good. I was unable to attend the session on the budget day. Tomorrow there will be post-budget discussions by a panel of veterans from different industries. The budget is bad for me with my stocks going down (25% loss). I started my first trade at a bad point - the day before election. So you can know now why I have such a huge loss.

But, overall, I am happy with the budget. I am confident about PC and Manmohan and I am happy that the country is ruled by educated economists.

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