Sunday, July 04, 2004

Today we had the launch of Aikya. Today I got up late due to yesterday's party threw by my team mates ( We won in Markstrat and hence the party). Then rushed to the Aikya launch. Aikya is a program where each study group will be allotted a family in Hyderabad. This will make sure that we develop relationship with the family and understand the culture of Hyderabad.

The family allotted to our group was not able to come today and so we may meet on some other day this week. We were joking that we have become orphans ( Arpan shah became Orphan shah and Animesh kumar became Anaadh kumar).

Tomorrow Jagmohan's class will discuss about the key learnings from Markstrat. We have two new profs coming this week to handle the remaining classes of DMO and Competitive Strategy.

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