Thursday, October 28, 2004

Deutsche bank got around 120 applications. This is a huge number and I could attribute two factors for this:

1. As the bank was keen on receiving as many applications as it can, the preplacement talk was trying to convince that anyone can apply irrespective of his/her background. This enticed many students to apply just believing the L factor.

2. The fact that the bank was given the privilege to come for campus before the regular campus schedule. Now the students have ample time to prepare customized resume and EOI.

JDpower has invited applications and the last date is Nov 5th. I think the applications for JDpower won't be very high.

I would be going to XLRI on Nov 6th and 7th to present a case analysis in the National IT seminar. I and Muthu did the case in one hour and didn't think it would be worthwhile enough to get shortlisted. Again, the L factor has helped us.

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