Tuesday, October 05, 2004

"If IIMs are putting 100% efforts for placements, ISB students are putting as little as 30%"

These were the words by two McKinsey consultants (from IIMs) in a seminar at ISB. They emphasized the need of forming groups oriented towards the placements. I have spoken about this to a lot of students. In ISB, I feel the number of offers by a company could be substantially increased if students are more focused and put more efforts. I think, the bottleneck here is that the same students when were working, need not worry about the interviews and it is usually the recruiters who were keen to hire them. They approach the campus interviews with the same mindset. What they don't understand is that they are applying for the position of their boss and the interview procedure will not be the same.

The end-term exams are starting on Monday. We have the bidding process tomorrow to choose electives for the next term. I am planing to major in Finance and Marketing.

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