Saturday, October 02, 2004

I am giving below the piece I wrote for colloborative blog

My ISB essays

I dreaded about the essays than my GMAT. I was always sceptical about my essay writing capabilities and I didn’t know how to write essays that could project my positive points to the ISB admission committee. I called an alumni working in CTS and asked about the essays. She advised me to write genuinely and emphasized that even small aspects of my life (Such as my love for my dog, my NSS/NCC days) could be included in the essays. I understood that whatever I write, I should make sure that my essays look different from the others’.

I wrote my essays highlighting my love for literature and my extra-curricular activities in the college days. One of the early applicants, Tahseen, reviewed my essays and felt that the essays should be changed to highlight my good academic credentials rather than the extra-curricular activities. I changed my essays hesitantly. He also advised me to add some humour to the essays, the advice which I rejected.

I explained about my focus in the essays. I explained my love for computers and how the MBA could help me to shine in IT field. So, that’s all about my experience. My only advice is – Make sure your essays look different or project you differently.

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