Saturday, October 16, 2004

Fifth term starts on Monday

I am back after a long break. I was so busy with the exams and with some project work that the term break is hectic than the regular days.

Fifth term starts on Monday. Some students are frustrated that they didn't get the electives they desired. Fortunately, I managed to get five electives. I am majoring in Finance and Marketing. This term we have wonderful professors for Marketing Implementation and Financial reporting. I am looking forward a great term.

But I am expecting this term to be more hectic than any other term. First reason is that I didn't opt for any faf course and all five are hardcore subjects. Second, the timings are ridiculous in my case. I have one class on Monday and Four classes on Tuesday (each class spans for two hours).


Deutsche Bank is on Campus on October 18th. The results would be out only on January 20, when the ISB placements start. This bank is given an exception to visit the campus early but is not allowed to declare results before Jan 10th.

Students are busy with their placement preperation. We have mock interviews this week conducted by the career services department. I am currently shaping my resume.

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