Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I think I should have been more careful in the usage of words ... My previous post sounds as if I am unhappy about the quality of current batch. All I meant was that the new batch should set new benchmarks which would surpass that of the current batch.

Infact, I am proud about the quality of the current batch. Especially, consulting placements have been a lot better this time and almost all the big consulting firms have hired more than what they initially expressed. I strongly believe that the placements in big firms are a matter of student quality rather than the school reputation. School just provides the opportunity and it is the students’ quality that converts this opportunity into offers.

Actually I don’t want to argue in favour of the ISB and I think doing so would be immature in my part. This blog is also not for that. All I can say that I have joined after tremendous research and am happy about my decision after my one year stay. I don’t expect anything more from any school.

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