Friday, February 11, 2005

It hurts to see such comments in my blog. I don’t know whether anything is wrong in my part. Anyway, let’s move on. We should not allow these things to affect us.

Our exams start on Monday. I have only two exams this time. I have bid for five courses for the next term. I will drop one course after sampling. I will be majoring in Technology & Finance. Though finance specialization doesn’t seem to be relevant to my job, I have that just as an entry ticket to my prior company. iNautix requires specialization in Finance to get in as a Program Manager. Right now I am not thinking of going back to iNautix but in future I might.

Deloitte arranged for another party with senior leadership (That’s how they call them). The leadership was keen on knowing about what we think of Deloitte and on building good brand name for Deloitte at the ISB. One of them asked us whether we would redo this course if an opportunity was given. My answer was “No”.

Life has not become that hectic as it was before placements. Still I get time to read books. I guess that the next term will be turbo-hectic as all the subjects I have taken are intensive ones.

Two good books I read recently were Fountainhead and Alchemist. Both books are advocating the same concept – “Live for us, our dreams and not for others”. Professor Ravi Aron also raised the same topic in the last class and advised us that there are unlimited opportunities if we could deviate. I think he is not happy with the fact that many students are going behind brands and prestige rather than really figuring out what their dream job is. I am right now trying to find out what my dream is.

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