Sunday, February 20, 2005

Two days before, I went to Economic Times office with three other PLACOM members to have a chat with one reporter. We were instructed not to give any figures or any company names. The reporter was interested in knowing the companies visited and the type of salaries we are getting. It was very difficult to convince her without giving company names and figures. I think the official reports will be out only in April first week and till then no figures will be given to media.

While going to the office, we were discussing about the international placements. ISB is uniquely positioned due to its experienced students profile and we felt that this could be utilized in attracting companies with leadership programmes. For example, this time we had BP, Carrier etc. If we take BP, they need people with considerable experience and they recruit in Harvard, Wharton, LBS etc. They recruit only 10 students worldwide and they have recruited from ISB. This is the kind of roles that ISB should be gunning for, because ISB would be the only school in India that could provide these companies with the experienced students.

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