Monday, June 14, 2004

And Now Padmaja Leaves...
After the shocking news of Vinoo leaving, we received the next shock that Padmaja is also leaving. For those who don't know - Vinoo and Padmaja did the entire screening and interview for admissions till last year. There was a farewell party for them yesterday night.

The hottest debate going on in the campus is whether the increased intake is the reason for adcom people leaving. I met an alumni yesterday who said that they tried to convince the management not to increase the intake, but all in vain.

Yesterday I read an article in Business World about Great Lakes Institute of Management coming up in Chennai. The article was criticizing ISB for investing too much in infrastructure and passing the financial burden to the students. I have personally visited the institute in Chennai, spoke with the dean and deputy dean there. Though I am a well wisher of that Institute ( Two reasons - I like Bala and I love Chennai), at this point of time, the institute is barely an attraction for quality MBA aspirants. The article noted that the best faculty who visited the campus on the first and second year are not coming this year. It hardly matters to us. For me, the faculty list is impressive this year and the new professors (visiting ISB for the first time) who came for the first term, especially the Stats profs did a tremendous job.

The second term starts today. I have afternoon classes. The first class is by Jagmohan Raju. He has been voted the best prof for the core courses last year. I am eagerly awaiting his class.

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