Friday, June 11, 2004

Vinoo Urs Leaves the ISB

Vinoo Urs, the Director of Admissions, is leaving the ISB. He would be looking after his family business. I can understand that his family members would be missing him as he has to keep travelling all the time starting from October till April. I admire his commitment and dedication. He makes sure that each and every student entering the ISB is diverse, capable and mature. Lets wish him good luck for his new ventures.

With Vinoo leaving and with the responsibility of hiring 420 students next year, Admissions department would have a tough time.

What is the strength of ISB?

Many of my friends ask me this question. There are good answers such as Visiting Faculty from premier Bschools, Diverse students but the best answer would be "System". In ISB, there is a system in place for everything.

CAS, Library, Admission, House keeping, IT - every department has a well-built system. You go to a library staff and ask about a book at 2:00 AM in the night, he will search for the book, explain the key features of the book and recommend other books in that area. CAS team initiates discussions with you, help you in identifying the career path suitable for you and helps you in achieving that. There is a system for inviting visiting faculty.

This system ensures that the ISB is not dependent on any individual. Even if Vinoo leaves, this system gives hope that his leaving would not affect next year’s admissions.

There is a professional touch in everything and every staff behaves professionally. But the students here don't match the professionalism that staffs have. Students coming late, murmuring in the class, forgetting to switch off cell phones etc do happen in the ISB. Many have realized that these activities could spoil the student image and have sent mails asking the students to maintain the professionalism. Lets see how the next term goes.

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