Saturday, June 12, 2004

Intake 420?

The management wants to increase the intake to more than 400, likely to be 420. The number is not fixed - It would vary depending on the number of applications. The fee is not likely to be raised.

I would have said that the number will be 420 and fee will not be raised but this one and half month course has taught me to use the words such as "likely" and "probably".

Personally, I don't feel ISB is ready to increase the intake at this dramatic rate. Infrastructure wise, yes, ISB can handle far more than 400. Faculty - they can hire more visiting faculty. But the issue is quality placements. Just because the intake is 420, Mckinsey or Goldman is not going to hire in bunch of 20 or 30. Most of the extra intake would be going to companies such as Infosys or TCS, who do bulk recruiting. I am not saying that these companies are inferior, but the ISB should first prove itself by increasing the average salary, international placements etc before increasing the intake.

The management had to increase either fee or intake and it has decided to increase the latter. But management has made sure that if the number of applications is not as high as expected, the intake would be reduced. The happy part is that probably there would be no fee hike.

My worry is that the ISB should not become a haven for all those with 700+ GMAT. ISB has rejected many applications with 750+ GMAT and that privilege should not be sacrificed for increased intake.

The good news for us is that there will be more effort towards placements as they have to prove that the school can guarantee 400+ placements. I hope this year there would be more international placements as they have assigned a separate manager for International Placements. I am not interested in international placements but it is necessary to build the brand name.

MBA aspirants who read my blog can give their thoughts whether the increase in intake would have any negative effect on ISB brand.

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The blog whose link is not working was supposedly found to contain some harmful information about the ISB girls and the anonymous author has deleted the blog owing to threats from the ISB patriots.

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