Monday, June 07, 2004

A disaster and a Relaxed day

Today evening was pretty relaxed. I and my friends were roaming around the campus and were chatting amidst the rocks. Now time is 10:15 PM and I am yet to start studying for Tomorrow's exams.

What about today's exams ? I did economics pretty well than expected. Accounting was a bouncer. Two of four questions were so tough. It was an open book exam and I spent most of the time reading the chapters which I haven't read before. I felt bad to write answers which I was sure to be wrong. But I didn't have anyother way to kill time and fill sheets. These questions were supposed to be in the MIT end-term exam and were removed at the last minute as the prof thought it was too difficult. Poor ISBians had to solve them in the test.

I personally prefer tough exams than easier ones, though I suffer a lot in the exam hall.

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