Thursday, June 03, 2004

I wanted to blog once before I start my exam preparation. There are four subjects to study and three days left. On my engineering days, i used to hate the exam days. Here, it doesn't make much difference. In fact, I am more relaxed now than on other days.

I had a meeting yesterday with the admissions committee as an IT focus group member. I cannot disclose the subjects discussed but one news is that the ISB intake next year would be 420. Its a good news for next year aspirants as the number of seats have increased. I think there will not be any fee hike for next year. Again all these are unofficial.

In the meeting and also in many other situations, the question of comparison with IIM arises. I have my own reasons for favouring the ISB but elaborating about that could add bias to my blog. But I want to clarify about the high fee charged here. For those earning a fairly good salary, opportunity cost at IIM would be more than in ISB. In addition, the ISB gives one year additional experience when compared with two year MBAs.

Is one year sufficient for MBA ? We had a debate over these in Leadership Development class. I will write about that discussion, more about LDP class, and about "Seven Samurai", a movie screened in the LDP class etc after my exams.

I gotta run ...

Note: I know that I make hell a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes in my blog. From the next time, I will make sure to read once before posting.

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