Thursday, June 10, 2004

A Fine Morning ...

I went for a walk and didn't return that day. I went to a friend's room and was seeing some movies. Suddenly, there was a heavy downpour and I couldn't return to my room. There was a party amidst the rain. Guys and Gals were drenching in the rain, shouting and enjoying. A lot of booze was keeping the energy up.

Yesterday, HSBC shortlisted 16 students for their scholarship interview. Two of 16 students will be offerred full scholarship. They have to sign a three year bond with them. The job will be on commercial banking side.

I am watching a lot of movies. Yesterday I watched "A few Dollars More" and "Vertigo". Today I have got "Lion King". Our Library has a good collection of DVDs.

I got up early today. Sitting near the window just staring at the birds with nothing to do was a dream for me. It has come true today.

There are some five or six blogs from ISB students. One of the blogs had some harmful content about the ISB girls and it was creating a turmoil last weekend.

Thats it for now. Let me enjoy this morning.

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