Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Second Term Starts ...

The first class was by Jagmohan Raju from Wharton. The first class was impressive. But that doesn't mean no one slept in the class. While asking questions in the class, he displayed the photo of the student in the screen to whom the question is targetted. His chronological way of connecting warfare with Porter impressed me. His class has raised expectations for this term.

Whats the deal with "700+"

I think I confused you with my previous post while talking about GMAT score. What I meant was there are candidates with good GMAT scores (say 700+) but with less impressive Extra curriculars or leadership aspects. ISB mostly rejects these candidates however high the score is (Say 750+). Now with increased intake, ISB cannot do the same as it needs high GMAT score to sustain the average at 690. I never meant that 750+ are not preferred.Of course, they are preferred but they too have to show some extra-curricular aspects.

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