Saturday, May 01, 2004

All the pre-term courses are over. The real ride starts from Monday. There are a lot to prepare for the first class and I am in lack of time. My groupmates are calling me for carting. It will take away 5 hours from my schedule but I may go for it. Once the term starts, I may not be able to do that.

Yesterday there was a sudden party in the student village. I was tired and didn't go to party. Here party includes booze and dancing. I don't drink but like watching people drinking and dancing. There is a lot of energy flowing in these parties and would help to revive ourselves in the middle of the hectic schedule we are going through.


Everyone who comes to the ISB for the first time will become spellbound. The campus is awesome. The hostels are known as student villages. The rooms have TV, bed, sofa, AC, etc etc and there will be servants to clean your room and make your bed. The hostel authorities treat you like a star hotel customer. You will feel like you are living in a luxury resort and not in a hostel.

Yet, I feel alone here. I feel like I am house arrested. Whenever I return from dinner, the solitude strikes me. I will walk very slowly from the dining hall to my room. Once I enter the room, I am alone. So, I will try to walk as slow as I can. I do not find many people sitting outside their rooms in the hostel premises. Either they study in their room or go to the library or academic center to study. Most of the rooms have four students sharing the apartment. There will be a common hall and seperate bedrooms. Unluckily I was allotted an apartment that has seperate rooms (no common hall) and shared only by two. This worsens my solitude.

I asked one of my group mates who usually studies in his room about the reason he is not going to the academic center for studying. He replied " I usually get distracted by beautiful girls. In ISB there are many, mostly studying at LRC (library) or at the academic center. I don't want to get distracted."