Monday, May 03, 2004


I was in before 5 minutes. Sharply at 8:30, the class began. The name tag before me - "Sujayath" - gave me a proud feeling that I was part of the ISB. I am not going to comment on the class or the professor. But I had a feeling that I am learning from the best faculty. There was a grim silence throughout the class and there were some fifty hands rising up for each question asked. Class participation carries marks. We were supposed to be prepared with the concepts the professor would be teaching on that day. ( I can anticipate the question - "Strange ! Then what does they teach ?". The class is just a brush-up of concepts and more of an application of concepts in case studies). I was looking for oppurtunities when I could raise my hand but didn't get any ... The class was over and he handed over an assignment due on wednesday.

The next class was relaxing. There was a rumour yesterday that we were supposed to do some home-work for this class. Prof. had sent a mail to everyone that we need not worry about home-works. He also easied us by saying that there are no marks for class participation. It was a bit relaxed class.

Afternoon, I went late to the class and noticed that asst. dean was there on the class. I don't know whether I was marked present or absent for the class. It was about leadership development. If I am absent for two classes, my grade would be decreased by one letter grade.

And I am back to the room. I am waiting for the barber to come. Let me have a hair-cut.

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