Thursday, May 06, 2004

Good climate ... Cool lectures ... Afternoon sleep... Today was a cool day ... Mainly because I am free till Monday except for a half-an-hour class tomorrow.

We had a small quiz today and three assignments are due on Monday.

Today let me tell more about me. I finished my BE in computer Engg. and joined iNautix technologies in Chennai. I didn't had any big aims and just wanted to lead the rest of my life as an IT professional. iNautix was a great place to work and I loved IT. When my friends were trying hard to crack CAT, I was trying to prove myself in the work. I believed that an MBA is not required to climb the corporate ladder, but the learning from work experience would suffice. I was getting good ratings and hefty bonus. I didn't want to waste my two years in MBA.

As I had said earlier, we never know when our mind would change ... Mine changed when I read an article about MBA and its importance for people with work experience ... It was on the beginning of November, when I decided MBA is not a bad choice. Still I was not prepared to spend two full years for it. At that time, I accidentally visited the ISB web-page and thought the course would suit me. I was in US then and my colleagues there convinced me a post-graduate degree would matter in the long-run though not in the short run. I decided to go for it and started my GMAT prep. Time went so fast and now I am in the ISB still wondering how to use this one-year most efficiently.

With just one week of classes, I have started feeling that an MBA is worth pursuing. The lessons taught in MBA are the ones which every person in a responsible position should know. I will discuss about how I got into the ISB, later.

And regarding unwanted comments in my comments section … If it continues, I may be forced to remove the comment section …

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